Application Success Coaching

Application Success Coaching – See Better Results – Faster!

Application Success CoachingDid you know that many recruiters look at your CV for less than a minute? Yes, it is a bitter and somewhat ugly truth of the hiring business. Often it can be much less than a minute that will decide if your CV is forwarded to the line management or not.

These days, recruiters also use specific software systems to track the applicants and rank them according to keywords. And AI becomes more and more involved in daily processes. If your application doesn’t match relevant (search) criteria, it will rank lower. While this might not be crucial for hard-to-find talent, it can be for professionals in e.g. sales, marketing, and HR. Or any other field in which the volume of applications tends to be very high.

No Feedback From Your Applications?

In the very worst case, you never hear back of your application. Not getting feedback is frustrating. Not knowing what to change in your application is even more.

BUT: All this won’t happen if you know how to navigate the hiring system. Career Change With Ease has 20 years of experience in Executive Search and expert career consulting. We know what works and what doesn’t. And the Application Success Coaching will help you to see results faster.

For Whom Is the Application Success Coaching?

Application Success CoachingThe Application Success Coaching works best for experts, managers and executives across industries who are applying for a new position. Career Change With Ease highly recommends using this service if you haven’t applied in a long time or are not seeing the desired results in your application process.

It is especially beneficial if you want to change to another industry or geographical region and are not familiar with their requirements.

This service includes:

  • Four consulting calls (45 minutes) plus in-between email support
  • Assistance in getting crystal-clear on what you want to achieve in your next job and your overall career. (Vision and purpose sell!)
  • Assistance in creating your modern and ATS-friendly CV/resume according to
    • Industry standards
    • Skill requirements
    • Regional requirements
    • Reasonable length
    • PLUS: Highlighting the unique benefits (USP) you bring to your new employer
  • Writing short and convincing cover letters (yes, they still can make a difference!)
  • Tips and recommendations on networking with headhunters (yes, they are a special kind of breed) and expanding your network on LinkedIn.

Benefits Of The Program

This program builds on 20 years of experience in Executive Search and career consulting and having read tens of thousands of CVs. Career Change With Ease knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. Professionals taking this program will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A crystal-clear vision of their desired career
  • A better response quote in their job search
  • More clarity about their career, achievements, and the benefits they will bring to a new employer, and thus more confidence
  • Stronger presentation skills
  • less stress and frustration in the application process
  • and more

Booking & Fees

Application Success CoachingThe Application Success Coaching service is available throughout the European Union and comes to you for a fee of 850 EUR (plus. VAT). If you live outside the Eurozone, please use this tool to convert to your currency.

You can book the service via the contact form here. Please make sure to add a few words about your current situation and what you are struggling with. If you have a LinkedIn profile, please insert the link, too. We will get back to you ASAP with more information and only request your full CV when we agree to work together.

Please note that career coaching services are tax-deductible in many countries. Please check with your local tax advisor for more information