Welcome behind the scenes of Career Change With Ease. I am Nicole Lellek, your career consultant and creator of this (ad)venture.

Nicole Lellek - Your Career Consultant & Creator of Career Change With EaseCareer Change With Ease bases on my experience in

  • Business Consulting & Training (5 years)
  • Executive Search & Career Consulting (20 years)
  • Stress Management & Prevention Techniques (10 years)

And Career Change With Ease is a blend of all topics I am excited about:

  • careers
  • change &
  • ease

And how did that happen? Let’s rewind.

Why Careers?

Career Change With Ease - Start With Clarity & EaseI come from a family that didn’t know anything about careers or career building. My mother was an industrial clerk who stayed at home when I was born. My father worked in a high position in public services, and growing up I witnessed first-hand how networking and being part of “the right political party” could make or break a career. In general, politics was a constant dinner talk. I didn’t enjoy it much. I felt too much of the system was already broken, and I was more interested in expressing myself in arts. Until I was advised to “learn something decent.”

It wasn’t until studying languages and communication specifically that my interest in corporate organization and the business world was sparked. I was curious how organizations worked and how they communicated internally and externally. It resulted in taking off-curriculum courses and classes in management, and eventually led into my first job in a business consultancy. After 5 years of getting vast experiences in consulting, I decided to change careers and switched to an HR role – and to executive search a year later. This is where I found my true passion. I never saw myself as “just another headhunter” but as a true career consultant who happened to be filled high-ranked roles, too.

Why Change?

Application Success CoachingI was always the one of the family challenging the status quo. I was the first woman in my family speaking several languages, I was the first obtaining a full academic degree, and I was the first who ever thought about a career as something enriching and life-fulfilling. Furthermore, I was one (or the first?) woman who conducted technical trainings in telecommunication by the end of the 1990s.(It was quite an experience back then…) Also, I will never forget my first bosses words when he said I can change everything in his organization provided I come up with a solution that worked better than the one he had in place. It took me six weeks to find the first optimization – and install it.

Change is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, and so it’s no wonder that I always worked with organizations who found themselves in deep transformational processes themselves.

I know many people fear change because it requires to let go of control and embrace something different. Sometimes even unknown. But this is just one side of the medal. Over the years, I found out the following: If you consider changing something to be hard, it will be. If you approach change with a more light-hearted and curious mind-set, change can happen much easier.

And this brings me to my last part.

Why Ease?

Career Change With Ease - Ease Your Career - 3-Month Program As much as I loved my career, I also felt that it took a toll on my body, mind, and spirit. But I couldn’t really pinpoint why I didn’t feel happy when everything in my life was just fine. Or so it seemed.

I enrolled in a program to be certified as a Stress Management & Burnout Prevention coach. It was the first of many more classes and courses to come – both from a scientific and a holistic point of view. But what happens when you open Pandora’s box? A lot of old “sh*t” is coming up, and so it was time to look at it and undergo my inner transformation. To be honest, it was the first time I suddenly hated change and I could understand why other people did, too. And I frankly admit that I listened to some wrong people at that time. Until an awareness suddenly hit me: How come they don’t live the life they are teaching? Why do I even listen?

And so I went inside to search for my own answers. (Classical coaching approach. :-)) It slowly dawned on my how much of my life was struggle and how much I loved the struggle in a very bizarre way. I started searching for solutions that provided more ease. Ease – not to be confused with easy. Ease is more a way of being, no matter the circumstances. And ease is being in the eye of a hurricane and let the storm swirl around you, having no point of view about it.

I started pondering on how to bring everything together and one day – Career Change With Ease was born. Originally born out of the idea to help career changers, but today I focus on helping organizations and people to change things in their careers with more ease. In short: My short. My original job as a career consultant has not much changed, but my whole attitude has.

To find out more about myself and Career Change With Ease, you are always welcome to contact me here. Or let’s connect on LinkedIn.

Thank you for being here!