Hello and welcome to Career Change With Ease. I am Nicole Lellek, the creator behind the scenes and your Career Change Coach. You might be curious what’s my background. There’s a full CV on LinkedIn you might be interested in. If so, click here. But if there’s one thing I know after readings thousands of resumes, it’s that the interesting stories are found beyond bullet points of achievements. 

So let me share some of mine.

The First Steps In Business

Nicole Lellek - Career Change CoachI came from a family where careers weren’t much talked about. It was about discussing politics and the usual “small wars” families often fight. As much as I was interested in politics, it changed during my university times when I discovered my interest in business administration and, more specifically, corporate communication. First, I took the seemingly “logical path” by doing internships in PR & Communication, but I very soon figured out that I wasn’t interested in this part of the business. Looking for a student job, I found out what it was. I applied to a business consulting firm. Not with much hope because I didn’t study business administration. But I got the job!

The company specialized in sales training, client communication and internal company communication. What started as a student’s job became my first full-time job. It laid the groundwork for my knowledge of how companies work and what they struggle with. After roughly five years with the company, it was time for a change.

A Passion For Careers – And Change

I started applying for a new job and took two directions. One was sales-oriented, and the other one was for generalist HR roles. At that time, I didn’t know what was better for me, and I wanted to keep both avenues open. An outstanding job interview with the daughter company of GE opened my eyes, and I realized that my place was in HR. I changed my application strategy and quickly landed a role as an HR Generalist. As much as I love the HR work, I didn’t enjoy the environment. I worked with mainly unskilled and semi-skilled people with no (or very) little interest in working or educating themselves. 

Career Change With Ease - HomeI didn’t like looking for a new job so soon again. But I also knew that this kind of environment would make me sick in the long run. One night, searching job boards, I found a posting for a leading headhunting firm. Without thinking twice, I applied – and got the job. 

In hindsight, this spontaneous decision was one of the best I ever made. I was always curious how other people make their life choices. In headhunting, I got to learn more about how they made their career choices. And what motivated people to change jobs and even careers. Also, I worked internationally and in various industries from day one. I had a lot of change and variation in my job. I loved it. 

Ease? Yes, More Ease Please!

I started in headhunting almost two decades ago. And I have seen a whole industry change. The diversified approach no longer seems to exist. I have been asked to specify my industry and region more than once. I always stubbornly refused. My broad knowledge was one of my assets, along with the ability to “read people” quickly. Why compromise?

However, there was a nagging feeling that my job was not fully “it.” I couldn’t pinpoint what was missing. I just knew something was missing. One day, I had the impulse to research stress and burnout prevention. The more I read about it, the more I was shocked. Not only by the rising numbers and the (seeming) neglect, but also how stressed I was! And how much I made it normal. Consequently, I enrolled for further training as a coach for stress management and burnout prevention. A few more seminars and trainings followed, all aimed at reducing stress and increasing ease.

As a result, I also looked closer at what was causing so much stress in my life. To cut a long story short, there was a lot to deal with from my childhood, and it wasn’t always pretty. But now, it’s all dealt with. More importantly, it’s past.

Career Change With Ease – An Invitation

On my healing journey, I realized nothing was missing in my headhunting job. It was more that I got more conscious of what I like and don’t like. I always loved the career consulting part. I loved discussing CVs, possible career paths, and the “aha moment” when people realized what else they could do. Or when people realized that they were the creators of their careers and they could create it more lightly. Slowly the idea of Career Change With Ease emerged – originally designed for career changers. But the more I dived into the idea I realized it’s not about career changers. It’s a new approach to bring more ease to careers and career creation no matter what the career is. The rise of technology can and will create much relief to often tedious tasks. It will leave us more space to do what we truly enjoy doing. But here comes the question: Do you know what brings you the most joy in your career? And: Can you handle the ease? The last question may sound funny, but trust me, as a person who struggled a lot, the sudden ease can make you uncomfortable. It needs adaptation. And that’s fine. And no, I’m not always perfect at it, either. And what about dropping the idea of perfection while we’re at it? Shall we?

I leave you at that and with the invitation to reach out here to discuss your career situation. If you feel you need to change something. Or, if you have this nagging feeling, something is missing. Let’s talk about it! Confidentially and in all honesty.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!