Career Clarity Coaching

What is Career Clarity Coaching?

The Career Clarity Coaching s a mini-program of 3 sessions (60 minutes each) that assists you in developing a clear focus on where you are in your career now and what you truly desire to do next. Changing jobs or even your career can be a tempting step, but is it really the best step you can take right now? We will find out.

The findings, we will cast into actionable steps you can take right now to change your situation.

For Whom Is The Career Clarity Coaching?

Career Clarity CoachingThis program is for professionals at the crossroads of their careers. Should I keep my job or should I go? Is there another career I could explore. Does my career still align with my purpose and value? Those are questions you might ask yourself right now.

However, change can be daunting and today’s labor market has become complicated. So it’s advisable to seek coaching before taking the next step.

What To Expect?

Career Change With Ease follows a classical career coaching approach combined with relaxation tools like, e. g. short meditations or EFT Tapping to decrease the stress you might experience right now and to crate faster results.

Why does this work? It DOES work because you already hold the keys to all your answers in your subconscious. You “just” need a way of digging it up and transform it into actionable and successful steps.

Feel free to reach out here with your upfront questions for more information.


  • A clear focus on what you truly desire for your life and career
  • Reach your career goals specific goal faster by having more clarity
  • Take the steps that are really necessary right now (and it might be not what you think)
  • Have more ease because you know what you want and don’t want
  • Use your time and energy wisely and more efficiently
  • Be happy and joyful in your life and career

Booking & Fee

You can book the coaching program via the contact form here. Please add a few words about your career situation and what you are struggling with regarding your career clarity.
The fee for the program is 650 EUR (plus VAT, where applicable.) Please use this tool to convert currencies if you are outside the Eurozone.

Last but not least, career coaching services are tax deductible in many countries. Please consult with your local tax advisor. Thank you!