Career Focus Session

What Is A Career Focus Session?

Career Change With Ease - Career Focus SessionIn today’s complex business world, there are a myriad of possible career paths. What can be a wonderful “career buffet” for some might be confusing for others. And even the most focused managers and executives can lose focus from time to time. Especially when it’s about something so near and dear, like their own career.

Know that distraction, confusion and indecisiveness are always temporary and that there is always a way out. Career Change With Ease has developed a specific Career Focus Session with the sole aim of getting you back into focus. Because deep within, you know what to do with your career. You just might not remember right now.

For whom is a Career Focus Session?

A Career Focus session works best for professionals, managers, and executives who basically understand that they are in the driver’s seat of their careers but feel either “stuck” in a specific situation or torn between options. What you need here is a new focus. And the session will help you develop precisely that.

Benefits Of A Session

  • A clear focus on what you desire in your career and what works best for you
  • Have discernment about your ideas of your ideal career and what others think you should be doing
  • Greater ability to align with your choices and take the necessary action steps
  • More, ease and less distraction in your life and career
  • Better time management through more clarity
  • More productive workflows
  • More satisfaction and happiness 

Booking and Fee

A single career focus session costs 170 EUR (plus VAT). If your topic is too complex for one session, you can also choose a bundle of 3 sessions for a reduced fee of 480 EUR (plus VAT)

If you are outside the eurozone, please use this tool to convert to your currency.

You can book and schedule your session via the contact form here. Also, know that this kind of service is tax-deductible in many countries. Please check with your local tax advisor for more information.