Executive Search

Career Change With Ease - Executive SearchCareer Change With Ease has 20 years of experience in successfully leading high-quality international executive search projects across senior management and Executive roles.

Our core geographic area is the European Economic Area (EEA), with additional expertise in recruiting from the Near East, India, and the US.

The core focus lies in the following industries:

  • Food & Beverages
  • Flavors & Ingredients
  • (Renewable) Energy & Energy Components
  • Life Sciences
  • Aviation

Executive Search: With (More) Ease

Executive search is a business that requires skills and trust. However, there are more parameters that make a project successful.

High Degree of Commitment

If you assign Career Change With Ease to an executive search project, we are highly committed to delivering the best result possible. We concentrate on a few assignments and would rather decline a request if we are not absolutely certain we can help you.

Therefore, we work on a mandate basis only. Also, we only work with organizations that share our vision of a sustainable and inclusive future.

Honesty & Transparency:

A successful executive search relies on honesty and transparency at all times. This includes giving an honest presentation of the vacancy, including its benefits and potential challenges for the candidates. Also, we do not twist candidate CVs to make them more interesting or make them a match that doesn’t exist.


There’s nothing is worse for a client than getting no or too little information and being left in the dark. When you assign an executive search to Career Change With Ease, you will get a timeline of what will happen in the project, plus weekly updates via email or phone.

Knowledge Meets Strategy

Career Change With Ease works in specific industries only (more here) and thus knows them in-depth. Additionally, we draw on a proven strategy to make your next hiring successful.

Cultural Sensitivity & Diversity

Today’s executive search projects need not only a people-driven approach, but also one that is sensitive to cultural commonalities and differences. Career Change With Ease provides all that. The founder, Nicole Lellek, has recruited across different cultures and regions long before it became a “mainstream topic.”


Career Change With Ease is committed to maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality during the project and beyond. Without confidentiality, our work would simply not be possible. Also, we pride ourselves on long-lasting relationships with clients and candidates alike.


Do you have a vacancy that you need to fill? Let’s proceed with ease, then. Send an email with your request here, or pick up the phone and call +49 176 54 61 97 08 to discuss details.

Career Change With Ease is looking forward to hearing from you!