Career Change Program

Why A Career Change Program?

Changing times bring new ideas and opportunities for career development. In addition, the recent pandemic and outdated work structures have led to a new understanding of a fulfilling workplace. A Washington Post article from late 2021 says that as many as one-third of Americans are considering a career change. And according to the Haufe Group, about a quarter of Germany’s workforce thinks about doing the same.

Changing Careers Can Be Stressful – But It Doesn’t Have To Be!

Career Change ProgramHowever, thinking about changing careers and realizing the change are different things. A career change can be daunting and stressful. Facing change, doubt, (potential) bias, and rejection are situations many of us have not learned to deal with constructively. Also, there is the fear of losing what you have already achieved in uncharted territory. So many professionals stay where they are and keep dreaming. 

But what if there was a way to create your career change with less stress and much more ease? Sounds interesting? Then, our Career Change program might be what you are looking for!

What is the Career Change With Ease Program?

Career Change ProgramOur Career Change With Ease program is an 12-week program for managers and executives that assists you in finding out what you really want for your career change and in developing a matching strategy. This program will help you travel the career path to your desired job

  • faster
  • with more ease, and
  • without getting lost in the “hiring jungle.”


This 12-week career change program is for you if you wish to 

  • Gain expertise in a new industry and don’t know where to start.
  • Apply a newly acquired skill set in your current industry.
  • Broaden your professional and personal horizons by moving to another country.
  • Desire to restart your career after a life-changing event (e.g., a burnout).

Contents Of The Career Change Program

Each career is unique, and we look at every desired career change individually. However, the crucial points to land your new job are essentially the same. No matter which career path you choose.

  • You need the utmost clarity on your career so far, and even more on what you want to do in the future. And you have to know your “why?” (Hint: The better you know, the easier everything else becomes.)
  • You have to focus on a strategy and develop a list of necessary action steps. (Hint: Expect distractions of various kinds along the way.)
  • You have to be aware of your skill inventory and transferable skills. (Spoiler alert: Most of us are not aware of them. But you have to highlight them in your CV & cover letter to build the bridge for HR/recruiting.)
  • Learn how to deal with resistance to change and overcome times of doubt. (A successful career change relies on trusting yourself and a success mindset!)
  • You have to develop or broaden your network within your desired industry, skill set, and region (including connecting to relevant headhunters. And they can be a “special kind of breed.”)
  • And more

Benefits Of The Program

You will enjoy the following benefits from taking this program:

  • A Strategy that leads to better results and less stress in the often tedious process of creating a new career direction.  Did you know that more ease brings faster results? (Yes, really!)
  • More awareness of what you want and don’t want in your career.
  • More clarity on how to set you apart from other candidates and land your new dream job faster.
  • More confidence during the application, interview process, and your overall career
  • A more joyful outlook on your professional future

Interested? Lets Talk!

Career Change ProgramPlease fill out this form to apply for our career change program here. Please outline your current situation in a few sentences. Ideally, you also let us know your savailability for an Introduction call.

During the call, we discuss your specific situation and how we can assist you in creating your career change with the most ease possible. Also, you will get the first helpful tips. If we agree, you will receive your official offer to accept, and we will start immediately.